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About Factory

AL Watani Factory  is a magnesite specialist.

This journey began with the production of magnesium oxide for more than 25 years. Today, we continue to explore new horizons, and we are still striving to improve our performance, find the best, and look for new opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside Egypt.

Through our 25 years of continuous experience, success and perfection in the development and provision of the best in the world today, characterized by fast and great rhythms, and accommodation will only be for the better.

We are a specialized manufacturer and pioneer in Magnesium Products (Magnesium Oxide - Magnesium Chloride), a producer of high quality raw materials and purity of our own mines since 1989.

Through our 25 years of continuous experience, we have begun to produce some other high quality products (Calcium Oxide - Calcium Hydroxide -  Calcined dolomite ) from the best sources using the latest industrial equipment from the beginning of the extraction process, cracking and scaling process, Packing for products while preserving the environment of all kinds of pollution. Quality is of utmost importance to us. Its quality policy has been created in accordance with international standards and standards. As we have our own factory to improve the quality of raw materials, we are able to meet the quality and quantity related requirements of our customers.

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Alwatani Factory for Engineering Works